Sunday, September 9, 2012

Message from The Lion of the Left...

Hello Lion of the Left fans!  Our Lion has expressed that he would love it if everyone would feel free to Twitter, Facebook, Google-Plus, Email, or Blog his posts to others who might be interested.  These link buttons are at the bottom of the blog posting.  Everyone has permission to post these blogs anywhere they wish.  The Lion appreciates your comments and reads them regularly.  Comments are reviewed before posting to eliminate foul-mouthed trolls; so it may take a day or two before your comment is posted.  Let's keep communicating with The Lion of the Left! - Girl Friday-


  1. lion, why is our president appealing this judge's decision?

  2. Thank you Lion on the Left for your amazing blogs. I follow them regularly. Keep posting about Romney and I will share with my facebook.
    Keep the blogs coming.