Thursday, September 20, 2012

1% vs. 47%

As Mitt Romney tried to reboot, reset, restart his campaign this week, he did something he hasn't done since he announced his intention to run for the presidency....he committed truth.  It is an unforgiveable, unpardonable sin because the entire Republican strategy has been to "not" be Barack Obama.  They key component of that strategy is "not" to say anything specific...not offer alternative policy...not explain the Romney/Ryan fiscal policies and just remain "not" being Obama.  The goal was to run against the economy and avoid letting this be an election of choice between two competing visions.  That was the intention....up until now.

     In front of folks who paid $50,000 a plate, Romney told the truth.  He is now paying the price.  Romney announced there were 47% of the American people who were never going to vote for him and would cast their ballots for Obama.  True.  He said they look to government to help them navigate an economy which ate up their savings, home equity, jobs and hope.  True.  He said he,"...doesn't worry about these people."  True.  He reminded his audience many of these people don't pay income taxes.  True.  He promised to cut many of the tax breaks for the working poor and middle class to reduce the size of government.  True.  If what he said was true, why is he taking so much heat?

     The last thing regressive Republicans want is an honest debate about the direction of this country.  Truth is their kryptonite.  They don't want to admit their real agenda because they know the votes of the 1% cannot take them to the White House.  Romney lifted the curtain to reveal what the wizard is really up to and now his party is scattering like roaches when the light's turned on.

     The remarks Romney made which are really killing him came after the above.  He claimed this pro-Obama, government dependent 47% saw themselves as victims,  (this is bad for some reason), and they refuse to take personal responsibility for their lives.  These greedy, ungrateful, leaches think they have a right to food, health care, shelter, clothes and he is here to tell America he won't let that happen.  He won't let the 1%'s taxes go up to support these cretins.  He won't allow them to "redistribute" wealth from the 1% to the 47%.  He will keep the great unwashed in their place by cutting everything from food stamps to Medicare to Medicaid.  He will keep them from "burdening" industry with clean water and clean air regulations and Wall Street with demands for reform and transparency because they feel "entitled" to breathe clean air, drink clean water and not be on the hook to bail out the thieves who occupy Wall Street.

     Romney seems offended by Americans who feel victimized.  How could anyone come to such a conclusion?  The same Americans who were lied to and stampeded into two wars are the same middle class and working poor who saw trillions (with a T) of their tax dollars used to bail out banks and Wall Street, and watched as Congress failed to help them stay in their homes or help with the financial burden of educating their children.  As tuition skyrockets in state schools and the U.C. system, there is no money to help.  There is plenty of money for big business and industry, the Dow is rocking and corporate profits are rolling, but the middle class has lost 10 years of financial gain and Romney says they are greedy and feeling entitled.  How could any reasonable person conclude the game is rigged and not in the favor of the 47%?

     This is the same Romney; bemoaning the fact many Americans pay no income taxes, who refuses to release his tax returns to show he isn't one of them.  This is the same Romney who has used Swiss bank accounts and accounts in the Grand Caymans and Bermuda to reduce, if not eliminate, his tax burden on millions in income.  This is the same Romney who wants to cut tax rates 20%, on top of the Bush tax cuts he would make permanent, for the 1% without explaining how he would pay for this grand gesture.  This is the same Romney who would have to raise taxes on the middle class and cut programs for the 47% shredding the social safety net they need at the moment. (how could they feel victimized?)

     Of the 47% cited by Romney, 18% pay no income or payroll taxes and most of them are elderly receiving Social Security benefits which they did pay taxes on most of their lives.  Another large group are children and of those who didn't pay income taxes, almost 25% paid payroll taxes.  This means they are working, but not making enough to warrant taxes or they benefit from the earned income tax credit which kicks in for working Americans earning less than $28,000 a year. (something Romney/Ryan promise to eliminate)

     In full damage and spin control, Republicans say bring on the debate.  This election should be about two different visions for America.  Obama envisions an America where college is affordable... students aren't burdened with so much debt it follows them for the rest of their care is available for everyone...the roll of government is to make sure the vast wealth created by capitalism doesn't just accrue to the 1%, but raises all boats.  Romney/Ryan see a nation where its survival of the fittest (thank you Ayn Rand)...caveat emptor (are the food and drugs we ingest safe or not?)...a nation where the federal government is weak, regulations rolled back, industry given free rein and wealth goes to the wealthy.  They yearn for a return to the Gilded Age (look it up), of Morgan, Carnegie, Rockefeller and Harriman when there was no income tax, no inheritance tax, no payroll tax, no strong federal government.  They strive for a world with no F.D.A. or S.E.C.  A world where what is good for Wall Street is good for America.   This is what this election should be about according to the Republicans, well so be it.  Because of Romney's slip, their real agenda is on the table.  They don't care about the
worst off in America (Romney's words).  They resent all these handouts.  They object to all these programs for people who won't take responsibility for the fact they are poor and struggling.

     Obama has to welcome this debate.  Finally the true parameters of this election have been revealed.  Romney/Ryan aren't trying to grow the economic pie.  They aren't seeking the White House to turn the economy around for average Americans.  (They don't care about them according to Romney)  They are running, in George Bush's words, for the haves and the have mores.

     Former Texas Governor, Ann Richards once commented George Bush was born on third but thought he hit a triple.  Romney's comments show a disdain and disrespect for working and middle class Americans which is breathtaking in its scope.  He has defined the last 2 months of this campaign as about two visions.   BRING IT ON !!


  1. After the released of the tape(or as they say the Mitt hit the fan), one thing that came across my mind. I wish you were still on the air at KGO(or as the way things going at KGO you would had been on KNEW) & wish Keith Olberman still on MSNBC leading the show with this story. You two wouldn't leave no stone un-turn with what Mitt said on that tape. Do you hear what I hear Bernie? The final nails hitting on the GOP coffin.

  2. Sure wish you back on the radio, Bernie. Nights with you would be so stupendous! Damn, even if you were on the late night shift I'd be awake listening. I know you'd be burning up those airwaves! Mitt Romney has taken unbelievable to a whole new level. Just a short time ago, I seriously hated the man for his policies and didn't want to hear him speak or see his vapid face. Only listened to a few minutes of his boring convention speech. But now every day I wake up eager to see what moronic thing he's said. This 47 percent talk, priceless. 60 minutes yesterday fabulous. He's for redistributing wealth now re Social Security. And today, he wants the windows to outfit jet planes with windows that open. Wow! I can't wait to see what Mitt's gonna say tomorrow.

  3. You analyze this 47% comment well, however it should have never made the news. Who does the media think Romney is?

  4. Yes, the 47% include veterans, disabled children, and the elderly. What a lazy bunch, huh? Hey, Mr. Service Man, thanks for the service and the loss of both limbs, but why don't you get a job and stop bothering us? And you, Mr. Autistic Child, too bad you lived past childhood and now burden us. Mr. Senior Citizen, stop taking your Medicare and SS and go get a job, the minimum wage type. If you can't find one, well, hey, that's why humans sometimes have to eat dog food.

    Romney should be wiped across the floor for those comments. Who is advising the President? What happened during the first debate? Keep playing nice Mr. President and you'll soon be out of a job. Get going!

  5. Do you really believe this constant BS? Romney is not after legit disabilty and social security receivers. he us after the people that game the system, generational welfare recipients , the 28 year old grandmothers with half a dozen kids and several different "baby daddys" who bear no responsibility, I know of what I speak, I was a cop in San Francisco for 30, years, I'm African American, I worked in the Bayview projects for much of that time. There are plenty of late model cars in the project parking lots, everyone now has flat screens. smartphones, cable. nobody is starving. No child needs to be bought up in that uncaring environment, but to the lifelong welfare recipients each child is another 12 to 1500 a month.

    1. I agree. The system must be fixed but how to do it without harming those who deserve and need temporary assistance. I accepted welfare for six months in the early '60s. There was no question in my mind (as a single mom) I would find employment and become independent. My social worker often checked on my progress and took me to lunch several times after I found a secretarial job. I was her "poster client" because she viewed me as one of her successes. The system did not enforce the child support laws then so I managed without receiving child support.

  6. Yes, I do believe "this constant BS." Romney's plans for cuts will remove benefits from those who need it the most. Romney cites the "abuses" only to enrage folks so that they'll accept the cuts. What he doesn't want you to know is that the cuts will affect everyone, including those not gaming the system. The impact of these cuts is undisputable.

    Romney isn't talking about focusing on abuses. He's talking about across the board cuts. There has already been cuts to disabled children and vets. Do you hear Romney talking about restoring them? Of course not.

    What I do find absolutely hilarious about folks like you is how completely simple minded you are. You get so worked up over whether a welfare recipient (who hasn't that great of a life anyway)has a cell phone or TV. Yet, you folks say nothing about the real welfare issues: businesses, Wall Street, etc.

  7. Bernie, I miss hearing you on KGO. I'd rather listen to you any day then Alex Jones. OMG! Where does this Jones guy get his info? He must have been spawned from the devil. I wonder why KGO Eureka allows such drivel. Our radio stations must be desperate.

  8. Can we have a jailhouse radio show? That would fit in great with your theme of forgiveness and god talk. Have some guests from Lompoc come on and talk about their own struggles and forgiveness. It would be very inspirational and it sure would be nice to hear Bernie Ward's voice again.