Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Put a "Rush" On That Order!

Investors putting a proposal together to buy the St. Louis Rams dropped Rush

Limbaugh from their group. It seems they did not want all the baggage Rush would bring

with him. They worried he could derail their bid.

The Regressive echo-machine went into full outrage mode and Dittoheads all over

the country started burning NFL paraphanalia (actually they only burnt Ram's jerseys, which

was fine since no one on the current team seems to need them on Sundays). Salamon bin

Rushdie took to the airwaves to denounce the forces of the left fighting desperately to

prevent the "mainstreaming" of a prominent conservative. Rush clearly sees himself the

victim of narrow-minded and bigoted liberals who refuse to allow him to associate with

America's game.

I am a little confused. For years, Rush and his ilk have pounded their listeners

with proclamations that they are the real Americans; not some lilly-livered, commie-loving,

Obamacare-spreading lefty liberal media-biased figures who want nothing but to bring

America down. To hear Hanbaugh tell it, they are preaching to real Americans every

day. Their philosophy is bedrock American. They hold up values which made America great.

Rush presents himself as hated precisely because he represents the true American patriot;

and because he has reclaimed America from weak-kneed, feminazi-loving sissified Hollywood

types who want to destroy this great nation and sell it out to the Euro-trash of the world.

Can you understand my confusion? Rushalito says lefties are preventing him

from being mainstreamed; but he claims to be the mainstream. I thought he commanded

armies of mainstream Americans ready to do battle against the hordes of the left who have

forced Obama, Pelosi, and a Democratic Congress on the American people. During the

eight years of the Clinton Administration, El Rushbo opened his program each day talking

about America being held hostage by the duly elected President. The implication was clear.

Rushabye represented mainstream America at a time when fringe elements had stolen the

legitimate government from them. Day after day, his legions of fans bask in their collective

belief that the mainstream values they hold have been perverted; and their savior Rush is

there to lead them back to the promised land. Only now, do we discover, the Rushmeister

has had his nose pushed up against the glass of mainstream America, desperate to be let in.

When he finally saw his chance to be a part of real America by owning a football team; his

dream was shattered by the nattering nabobs of negativity who couldn't wait to crush a

little boy's dream of owning and controlling lots of black men. Oh, the humanity of it all!!

Rushputin is finally discovering the power of words and that there are consequences

to holding and advocating racist, sexist, nationalist, fascist views. He is shocked, shocked

he wasn't warmly embraced into the bosom of the NFL! He is astonished to find that some

people have actually been listening to what he's been saying. When he extols the merits of

slavery, compares NFL players to Crips and Bloods, heaps scorn on the first African-American

President, and suggests the election of Obama means it is open season on white people; he

now seems amazed his views cause offense among a vast proportion of the American public.

Possibly he has been reading his own reviews too long; actually believing the people who

listen to him represent the great center of our nation rather than disaffected white males,

the majority of his audience. When you hope the President of the United States fails to

turn around the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, when millions of

unemployed Americans hear you hoping they can't find jobs to feed their families, when

homeowners hear you praying for more foreclosures and economic devastation; is it any

wonder they don't want you anywhere near their favorite form of escapism?

The reality is Hanbaugh and the rest of the Regressives who have a monopoly on

the radio waves of this nation, don't represent the mainstream in any way, shape, or form.

They called upon their legions to drive back the godless forces of the Democrats in 2006

and 2008; and the result is a Congress and White House in Democratic control. They

screamed bloody murder in opposition to an economic stimulus package which passed

and is slowly turning the economy around. They have stamped their feet and held their

breath until blue in the face to stop a healthcare reform bill; yet President Obama will

have one to sign by the end of the year. On issues like abortion, gay rights, women's rights,

and the separation of church and state, Rush and his fellow travelers have come out on

the short end of the stick in poll after poll of "mainstream" Americans. When the Ayatollah

Limbaugh has been successful on policy quests, his "victories" translate into real life

disaster. From the war in Iraq to tax cuts for the rich, to the worst economic disaster in

modern history, a Rusha Rusha burnin' love and his friends have left America weaker,

more in debt, and playing economic second fiddle to the Chinese.

Far from being in the mainstream, there is a direct correlation to the rise of

Hanbaugh, Beck, and Faux News and the decline of the Republican brand in this country.

They got a party built in their own image; a party of disaffected Southern white men

unable to articulate a view of America appealing to more than 30% of everyday, sports-

loving American people.

The NFL will have to make due without the input of Boss Limbaugh; but we now

know even Rush understands he is on the outside of American sensibilities. We hear him

knocking, but no one wants to open the door to let him in. What do you think? I welcome

your comments and rebuttals. Please send them to

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