Saturday, July 4, 2009


Dear readers, we are working on the formatting - particularly the requested Double Spacing and Indenting but have run into a couple of technical dead ends - the word processing in the publishing section of the Blogspot website are very limited and there does not seem to be any automatic double space setting as in Word and all indentations are automatically removed when we click on "Publish Post". We have tried writing the blog in Word but can't find a way to upload a text document directly leaving copy and paste as the only way to transfer from Word and Blogspot removes the double spacing when we publish. We also tried manually adding returns in between each line("All the News That's Fit..."), but this proved to be extremely tedious and required extensive manual corrections before it was publishable, taking hours to type a single blog. So, for the time being we are going to increase the font size to improve readability while I continue to research this issue. I have also been quite busy these past few weeks with personal responsibilities including an important business trip in mid-June. I am sorry that I have not been able to, answer e-mails personally; but please be assured that they are all being forwarded to our Lion. We have several blogs from our Lion we will be publishing soon. Thank you for your patience.
yours truly ED the IT guy.

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  1.    This is a test.

    The above line was indented by using several iterations of: ampersandnbsp;

    I can't show you the actual tag with the & symbol in place, as it would be interpreted as an HTML space. Using an 8 in place of an ampersand, the code for inserting five non-breaking spaces would look something like this: