Thursday, July 9, 2009

Terrorism Works

The family of Dr. George Tiller has announced that they are closing the clinic that

he ran in Kansas. Dr. Tiller's family said the "Women Health Care Services" clinic will shutter

it's doors, and no similar clinic will be started. It proves that terrorism is alive and well in

this nation, and that it works.

The pro-birth American Life League stated "...Tiller had aborted thousands of

fetuses" and they went on to call for closing the 731 other clinics in the nation which offer

abortion services. The man accused of killing Dr. Tiller, Scott Roeder, replied "good, good"

when told that the clinic was closing.

What is the difference between al Qaeda and the terrorist pro-birth movement

in this nation? Osama bin Laden carries on a religious war against the West and his own

who do not agree with his fundamentalist views; and Scott Roeder and his crowd carry on

a campaign of terror in a religious war against those who don't agree with their

fundamentalist views. Bin Laden believes Allah approves of killing non-believers and

blasphemers; and CNN reported that Roeder and his gang believe Tiller's death and the

closing of his clinic are a "...victory for the unborn", and means "no more needles going into

babies hearts". We know, sort of, what our government is doing to fight bin Laden. They

are opening our mail, data mining our e-mail, and monitoring Internet activity. They use

national security letters to get everything from the books we take out of the library, to our

most intimate financial records including our charitable giving. They pass the Patriot Act

so they can infiltrate peace organizations and anti-war groups. Our government will kidnap

and rendition people to secret prisons to be tortured. From water boarding to electric shock,

no technique is overlooked to prevent the next act of terrorism against American citizens.

What is the government's reaction to Dr. Tiller's death? The U.S. Marshall's

service says it will increase security at clinics. Where is the outrage over the shutting of

Dr. Tiller's clinic and all the women who will not be served?

Is there anyone reading this today who believes the FBI or NSA or Homeland

Security are checking on what books pro-birth supporters are reading? Will any of their

supporters be taken off American streets, declared to be an enemy combatant, and put in

jail without benefit of council? If you belong to a group sympathetic to bin Laden, you

will have every electronic ear and eye placed on you. What if you belong to groups who

want legal abortion ended? What if you belong to Operation Rescue or the Abortion Life

League? Will any of them face the full scrutiny of our enhanced spying and interrogation


The goal of the pro-birth terrorists is to terrorize anyone who performs abortions.

the goal is to scare them so much that they will quit the business. Dr. Robert Criss performs

abortions in St. Louis, and says the success that killing Dr. Tiller has achieved could cause

some to think "...we can beat these folks if we pick off prominent people. They'll give up".

How is this different than bin Laden's goal? How are the tactics different?

Statistics show that fewer medical students and fewer doctors are learning or

are interested in providing reproductive services. Fear is a big reason for this. Dr. Tiller

had been shot twice. He had been harassed and threatened. Clinics have been bombed

and burned. Yet, there is no evidence, none, that these acts are viewed as terrorism or

represent a significant threat to our national security. What's even worse, the terrorists

are apparently winning.

Nancy Northrup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights said "...It is

unacceptable that abortion intimidation and violence has led to the closing of Dr. Tiller's

clinic. Persistent harassment, including violence, threats, intimidation...deter new doctors

from entering the field and force skilled physicians out".

Women in Kansas who wish to avail themselves of legal ways to control their

reproductive lives now have less choice, and face the possibility of losing access to needed

health care. They are losing access due to a terror campaign that appears to be active; and

it seems to raise few concerns among those who speak of the horrors of terrorism on a

regular basis.

The terrorists won a huge victory. The closing of Dr. Tiller's clinic is their

equivalent of 9/11. The government response has not been anywhere near as aggressive.

Why? What do you think? I welcome your comments and rebuttals. Please send them



  1. When so-called Christians condemn abortion and those who provide abortions, I wish they could do a better job of explaining WHY they condemn them. The way I see it, if you believe in heaven and hell, aborting a fetus is the biggest favor you could do for its soul. How so? Because the soul of an aborted fetus is guaranteed a one-way ticket to eternal paradise.

    When I was in the womb, if I could have chosen between certain heaven through abortion and the probability of eternal hell should I be born and allowed to reach the age of responsibility, I would have chosen to be aborted.

    So, what's so terrible about abortion or about those who deliver babies to heaven and save women from debility and death?

    However, I'm not sure I understand what you'd like to see happen. I presume that you don't agree with many of the government measures you mentioned that are taken against Muslim terrorists, so I can also only presume that you wouldn't want to see these same measures taken against anti-abortion terrorists. So, what's left? How should the government combat this kind of terrorism?

  2. This piece does a good job of exposing hypocrisy in the war on terror.