Monday, November 11, 2013


  On this Thanksgiving Day, we ask for the humility to recognize all we have is a gift...the courage to admit we cannot earn Your care...the hope You will offer Your love and grace to all.

     Thank you for a year in which more people are working and fewer are in danger of losing their homes and livelihoods.  Gracious God, thank You for national leaders striving for peace and bringing our war machine home.  Thank you for your servant Francis, who witnesses to your message calling on all of us to care for the least of our brothers and sisters.

     On this day of plenty, we remember all those who bring us this bounty...those who grow and produce our food...those who deliver it to us...those who prepare with love and enable us to gather in our homes or in the community to be together and filled with your Spirit...those who tell our stories each year reminding us who we are and why we gather.  Thank you for the love and care contained in each dish.  Thank you for the warm welcome offered to anyone at our table.  We seek to ensure no one feel like a stranger as we open our hearts and homes to all.

     We gather together on this day, at this table, in this time, confident the prayer and concerns we offer, You hear, and committed to listening when you reveal Your will to us.  God bless the families of all separated by bars and restraints.  Do not abandon those devastated by nature in all its fury.  Comfort those who do not have clothes on their backs, a roof over their head, or food on their table.  Inspire everyone here at this moment to reach out to those society labels lepers or outcasts...not just poor in material needs, but also those experiencing a dark night of the soul overwhelmed with loneliness, isolation, sadness and despondency and who need to see, through all of us, the world is alive with the grandeur of God.


  1. Thank you Bernie for your prayer. For at least the last 20 years I always say your Thanksgiving prayer for our family of 4. Now that my sons are out of high school and just finished college they are once again revisiting their catholic upbringing. Your prayers give us wonderful family conversations and debate over our catholicism. Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you and your family.

  2. Thanks, Bernie. It has been a difficult year with far too much loss, but your prayer always, always reminds me that I have much for which to be thankful. Blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving and always...

  3. I'm thankful for you, Bernie, I used to listen to you when I was first becoming politically aware, and you had an enormous influence on my moral and political outlook. Your words had enormous influence on countless people, including me. You've made a difference in the world, and that's something for all of us to be thankful for.

  4. Hey, Bernie when you getting out of the slammer?