Monday, May 27, 2013


 Recently, I wrote about two issues which were before the Congress or the executive and which you could and can still influence.

     In the immigration bill passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, the tech robber barons enlisted the help of that great friend of the American worker, Sen. Orin Hatch, to introduce a number of amendments which would dilute or eliminate provisions requiring companies who want to use H1-B visas to advertise job openings for 30 days, offer the job to qualified Americans before they can be offered to a foreign worker and limit high tech visas for any company which fails to comply.  Hatched pushed amendments, which created exceptions to these rules.  The exceptions are so broad as to render this attempt to create jobs for Americans toothless.  The bill still can be amended on the Senate floor.  If this is of interest to you contact your senator and demand the original proposals prevail.  You can also contact Senator Richard Durbin's office.  (D. Illinois) who is the prime sponsor and encourage him to fight the Hatch amendments.

     There was also the issue of exporting natural gas.  The Obama administration has approved a proposal to build a natural gas export depot in Texas.  Proponents of exporting gas have as many as 13 other petitions for permits.  If you are worried this could drive up the price and hurt American companies and jobs, you should again contact your representatives to oppose efforts to build more export facilities.  You can also contact the new energy secretary's office and oppose any more permits for export.  He is on the record as skeptical about the benefits of exporting natural gas and wants the issue studied more and you want to pressure him to hold his ground.

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  1. Great job Bernie of keeping on top of these issues. I'm sad to hear the news about Gene Burns. I'm sure you'll have something to say.