Monday, December 3, 2012

Communicating With the Lion of the Left...

Dear Lion of the Left fans,
     Many of you have requested to communicate with the Lion either by email or snail mail.  The Lion has very limited direct email access; so no email address can be given out.  I would be glad to give you the Lion's snail mail address so that you can write to him:

                  Mr. Bernard Ward
                  FCI Low
                  3600 Guard Rd.
                  Lompoc, CA 93436

Please feel free to write to the Lion; he would love to hear from you!  Sincerely, Girl Friday



  1. Thank you Girl Friday for all you are doing to help us stay in touch with the Lion.
    Bernie Ward, I think about you often during the day and keep wondering how do we as a society get past the idea that Justice equals Punishment?
    For the 'crime' you committed, a sane society would see to it that you have no access to email and gave 20% of your earned income to a cause that benefits abused children. But behind bars? And to be the target of some vicious verbal attacks?
    "You have to pay your debt to society." Please, someone tell me just what that means, please?

  2. Bernie committed no crime. He was charged and convicted of what was basically a "thought crime". If people could be committed for "thought crimes" most of us would be in jail. Mistakes such as Bernie was charged with are being committed by many of us daily, e.g. traffic violations like jay walking, but we are not jailed for them. Bernie was and is the victim of a very powerful political vendetta because he said the "wrong" things over the air.