Friday, July 20, 2012


    The government hires Ralph Lauren to design and manufacture clothes for the U.S. Olympic team.  At a time when the nation needs every job it can create, Lauren has the clothes made in China.  REALLY?  There wasn't a single American textile company which could have made them?  Lauren loves to project an old-time "American" ethos with clothes that evoke the Wild West and horses and leather etc.  Maybe these were made in western China?

.....While on the subject of Lauren and taste and the Olympic team outfits...  He has them wearing berets...REALLY?  Berets?  Can't you just see children watching the opening ceremonies and turning to their parents begging for a beret of their very own?  A ten-gallon hat maybe; a derby, fedora, or even a top hat (given Lincoln's popularity these days) any of those maybe...but a beret?  It is so wrong and once again shows Lauren not only doesn't have his finger on the nation's pulse, it appears to be up his ........

.....HSBC is a U.S. bank which laundered billions of dollars in Mexican drug cartel money over a period of years.  They now say they are sorry...REALLY?  Their Mexican branch lied about meetings to oversee deposits.  They violated scores of American banking laws.  HSBC has also opened up accounts for the Taliban and for individuals identified as international terrorists.  It also was used to pass through money so Iran could avoid U.S. sanctions.  They laundered billions of dollars in drug money, facilitated banking for an enemy currently killing American soldiers, and helped international terrorists and a nation trying to build an atomic bomb and its penalty?  Wait for it...wait for it...The bank's top anti-money laundering official is stepping down and they say it won't happen again...REALLY?  You can lie about LIBOR affecting hundreds of trillions of dollars, and you can cause the biggest economic meltdown in 80 years by manipulating and selling sub-prime mortgages and then betting against them.  You can illegally launder money, help terrorists, "lose"$1.6 billion of your customer's money, gamble away as much as $9 billion and NO ONE goes to jail?  Grow some marijuana and you are in federal prison for God-knows how long...REALLY?

.....San Francisco has long been known as a progressive haven.  Now news comes out San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee wants to let the S.F. police stop and frisk anyone they wish on the streets of the City...REALLY?  In New York, tens of thousands of people took to the streets to demand the end of "stop and frisk".  The ACLU says over 80% of those stopped are African American and Hispanic.  Philadelphia just settled a huge suit accusing the police of discrimination because of "stop and frisk" and Ed Lee wants to turn the SFPD loose on the City streets stopping anyone they desire?  If this doesn't cause a political earthquake for Lee, progressivism in SF is dead...REALLY!!!!

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  1. I've been trying to find out how you are, how you are holding up, and here your views on the current events affecting us all. I have mixed feelings about your circumstances. While it would be easy to demonize your and your actions, It's even harder to see it as a big no-no, but yet separating the man and his beliefs and intelligence. His criminal actions don't affect his desire to see his children grow up happy and healthy, to see his wife successful in her career and their financial security.

    Does this mean that having committed a crime, heinous that it may be, a man is no longer able to be human? I say NO. You disappointed me for your actions, but all you have taught me through the years I listened to your show remain.

    Personally, I was abused by strangers and a church member. But I healed somewhat and am now able to function as an adult, one semester away from a masters degree in Counseling. Personally, what you did was wrong and terrible, but you have so much to offer society. I'm glad your voice hasn't been silenced, that you are still able to poke the powers and pull the curtain back to expose current hypocrisy.

    Stay strong Bernie and keep your faith. I'm not sure where my faith is these days, but I will still pray for you and your family. I hope your life does improve upon your release, and your ideas still enter the public consciousness.

    Take care and stay strong!

    Don H.
    Indiana, PA