Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bernie's back! Girl Friday's comments...

Hello Everyone! Bernie has not posted a blog for awhile because he has been sick. First he had the flu; and then he caught a bad cold. He's written 2 blogs since he has recuperated from his illnesses. Bernie has always written his blogs with paragraphs included in the format. I have always tried to post the blogs with paragraphs clearly delineated. However, when the blog is transposed to the website through the software, the paragraphs mysteriously disappear. I know that this is very upsetting to many of you. If you have any ideas how the paragraphs could be preserved while being transposed onto the website, please let me know. As far as concerns the hurtful and embarrassing way that the seven talk show hosts from KGO were treated; this just clearly demonstrates the lack of respect that some human beings have for other human beings. Our whole planet would be a lot better if more people respected other people, if more people respected animals, and if more people respected our precious environment. I will continue to gladly provide the latest writings from our beloved Lion of the Left; and I truly hope he can make it out safely! -Girl Friday-


  1. I don't know how you receive the posts, be it a word document or email or what. Generally simply opening a posted blog in the edit window will then allow you to separate paragraphs by simply hitting "enter" at the end of each paragraph.

  2. I checked the html source for the blog, and it is not formated for paragraphs with html tags. There is some ham-fisted use of the tag less-than-symbol br/ greater-than-symbol, which isn't even correct. The tag for a line preak is less-than-symbol br greater-than-symbol.

    There are a couple ways to deliniate paragraphs with html:

    less-than-symbol div greater-than-symbol text text text less-than-symbol /div greater-than-symbolis one way

    Another is the use of less-than-symbol pre greater-than-symbol text text text less-than-symbol /pre greater-than-symbol to indicate preformatted text. This means if the source text itself has paragraphs they will be preserved. However, use of less-than-symbol pre> and less-than-symbol /pre greater-than-symbol are not a very good way to do this.

    All in all, it looks like the software you are using is mangling things for you. Check a different program to generate the blog, or you could use a text editor to clean up the source yourself.

    BTW, my clumsy use of "less-than-symbol" and "greater-than-symbol" is because the comment capabilities in the blog software won't let me use the actual symbols! I guess whoever wrote the software is worried I might subvert the comment section with some insidious html code of my own!


  3. Thank you so much for this blog. Bernie was always my favorite host on KGO and I still love to get his analysis of current events.

    1. Bernie was my favorite too. He's my all time favorite radio talk show host and he probably always will be.

  4. Hi GF... your work on Bernie's behalf is much appreciated.

    I have no experience with writing in Blogger, but I do know that Wordpress and other editors can have a hard time with cut & paste from various word processors, as the WP formatting code conflicts with editor code. You might want to try pasting first into a text editor like Notepad, entering your paragraph separations there, then copying and pasting into Blogger.

  5. I mailed Bernie a letter earlier this year and it was returned. Was it because of his illness or did they moved him to a new prison? I'm glad Bernie is well.