Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Note From ED the IT Guy on the KGO Firings. Also regarding comments and emails.

I'm sure we've all been shocked by the KGO firings this week. First of all be assured that Girl Friday and I have forwarded all of your comments on this matter that have been made by the time of this posting to our Lion already, as well as a couple of news stories and a few of the emails, and we are anticipating his comments on this matter just as you are. As soon as we get a response from him it will be posted here. This is certainly a dark time, and I invite all of you to use this blog site as an area to rally on this issue through posting comments. These will forwarded to our Lion as quickly as possible, especially at this critical time. For those that are concerned, here is what we've been doing in the last few months regarding comments and emails; comments have been forwarded periodically, and ALL COMMENTS DO GET FORWARDED TO THE LION. I will have to admit that emails have been a bit less regular, and I have a backlog of them to forward after the end of our school semester in about two weeks (Girl Friday and I have both been back in school for about the last year and a half). Our communication with the Lion is limited to text emails only, no images and no links, as all he has access to is text emails from a very limited number of people, and no other form of internet. As best as I know there is no way to get such things as you tube videos to him, and I know that he has been invited to Linkedin, but he has no way to utilize such a resource, though I will make sure and make him aware of all such invitations as soon as I am finished with finals. I have trained Girl Friday to do the postings and returning of comments to the Lion, but emails are still my responsibility, and I apologize for not being more on top of this, being a little overwhelmed by the responsibilities of school for the first time in many years since dropping out of high school. (Girl Friday, who is going for her second degree, is a far better student than I am). So in closing on this note, I am listiening to The Doors song Strange Days in the background, and part of the lyrics seem particularly appropriate regarding this issue, and I quote, "STRANGE DAYS HAVE FOUND US, STRANGE DAYS HAVE TRACKED US DOWN--THEY'RE GOING TO DESTROY OUR CASUAL JOYS--WE SHALL GO ON PLAYING OR FIND A NEW TOWN...AND THROUGH THEIR STRANGE HOURS WE LINGER ALONE....!!!" Remember let's all hang togeather or we'll hang alone, and as a gentleman I once knew who flew with the RAF in WWII once said, "Fly low and avoid the radar"! My best to all of you, and please post any and all thoughts you might have on this matter below.


  1. Dear IT Guy and Girl Friday,
    Thanks so very much for the work you do on this blog. We miss the Lion, and the blog helps a little.

    We'll be very interested in Bernie's comments, if he's free to make remarks. I sent a response to the new KGO web site telling them I will miss evening talk radio, since I get most of my news from the internet. I find it all very sad.

    Thanks, again,
    Carole in Cupertino

  2. dear IT guy and Girl Friday, just acknowledging what you do for Bernie and us. thank you very much

  3. I'll add my vote of thanks to you and GF... and wish you the best on your schooling. Success to you and all!

    -Bill in Sacramento

  4. Thanks for all you do to keep this site up and running... good luck with your finals

  5. Dear Ed the IT Guy and Girl Friday, I would like to second the thank you's for making this blog available and to send a sincere HELLO to Bernie Ward - I hope life is treating you well and will look forward to hearing more from you on the crazy KGO firings.

    Lara in Santa Rosa, Ca

  6. I hope this gets to Bernie. Bernie you are the one that got me to follow and learn about politics. Listening to you on KGO opened my eyes to what was actually going on in our government. While you were on, I would listen to your show the next day at my business and share your views with all my customers each day. After you were gone Gene Burns was the one that I agreed with the most, so his show was the one that my customers would hear each day. Ronn Owens is a good host, but he doesn't discuss stuff back and forth with a caller like you and Gene did. The caller gets a quick comment and he gets a final word and goes to the next caller. Points don't get hammered out and discussed back and forth from many angles by doing this, so I don't listen to his show. I don't see anywhere to go now to get a view other than right wing radio. I hope when you get out there is someway you can get back on the air. Thanks for all information over the years that I learned from you :)


  7. I'm so glad to find this site. I miss Bernie very much. I appreciate his insight, I felt I got the best understanding of world events from him. I'm glad we can still hear from him.

  8. I, too, have missed Bernie...I hope he is well; his family is well and someday hope to "hear" him again.

  9. I didn't have any idea how Bernie's blogs were garnered...THANK YOU!