Thursday, October 14, 2010


SO I HOPE YOU ALL LIKE THE NEW LOOK!!! It reflects our Lion's new near the coast location!!! Anyway We apologize for the delay in new postings - my Girl Friday and I are in school and it's mid-term time. We do now have a new electronic submission process and this will help facilitate postings while we are busy. Please know that all content will be from our Lion only as always but spelling and grammar corrections will now be made in Word and then copied and pasted to the post editing window and are not currently being hand re-typed as our Girl Friday has been doing. By the way let's have a big hand for the over a 130 blogs she hand re-typed and edited so far!!! I have been primarily involved in getting the tech side setup and helping when she would have a problem because while she has a Bachelor's Degree from UC Irvine she is not used to computers. So if you see an error that got past the check in Word and I missed, please bear with us. Also we seem to lose double spacing even if I double space in Word before I cut and paste to blogspot. So let us know what you think ,
Yours Truly,
ED the IT guy


  1. Thank you for keeping the Lion roaring. I appreciate your efforts very much. -Bill

  2. Many a progressive and Liberal miss yur imput to today's political scene. We miss you. Thanks for being bold enough to come back!

  3. This is so coincidental.
    In the sentence asking for corrections...
    [[So if you see an error that got passed the check in Word and I missed, please bear with us.]]
    The word 'passed' got through your spell checker, but 'past' is the word you want.
    Of course "... got PAST the check ..." is correct!
    Now I go to vork on Mister Ward's posts.

  4. To Mathscoach Noted and corrected. Boy that is ironic!