Friday, September 17, 2010


According to the Wall Street Journal, the Republicans want to "woo" voters into

voting for them in the November midterm elections. Pollsters are predicting the GOP

could regain control of the House and maybe even the Senate if enough voters can be

"wooed". What are these regressive architects using to seduce the average American

voter to go over to the dark side? NOTHING. The Journal says Republicans are looking

for a way they can make promises to voters without providing any details. (You can't make

this stuff up.) The plan is to take advantage of voter anger over high unemployment, massive

deficits, a sluggish economy, and the bailout of Wall Street while ignoring Main Street. At no

time, however, does the GOP want to say what they will actually do to reduce spending, create

jobs, cut the deficit, or solve any other of the nation's ills. Former GOP leader, Representative

Vin Weber says: "There's a pretty powerful argument that says why take a big risk with an

affirmative agenda when we've come such a long way; and let's not screw this details

about where we would go going forward." In other words, vote for us and we will tell you

later how we will fix things. It might work.

If you are not one of the great unwashed, easily wooed by over-promising and under-

performing, and would actually like to glimpse what the Republican agenda will be under

Speaker John Boehner; there are hints if you dig a little. Some of the Republican young Turks

are on the record and their agenda is clear. Representative Eric Cantor, second ranking

Republican in the House, is on the record supporting the privatization of Social Security by

creating private investment accounts. How much you receive upon retirement would depend

on how well Wall Street performs. Imagine being sixty years old with all your money in the

market in 2007. What would your nest egg look like today?

In a book Mr. Cantor co-authored, he supports not only privatizing Social Security, but

also supports his co-author's, Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, proposal to turn

Medicare into a voucher program (anyone want to guess what the vouchers would be worth?);

and eliminating the home mortgage interest deduction among other proposals. A number of

Republican candidates for the Senate believe unemployment insurance is unconstitutional.

They all support more military spending and support extending tax cuts for the richest 1% of

American taxpayers. So it appears the regressive agenda, if given back control of Congress,

would be to privatize Social Security, gut Medicare, eliminate one of the largest tax deductions

middle America uses, while cutting taxes for the rich and increasing the military budget. Now

maybe you understand why former Congressman Weber wishes they would all shut up.

Seventy-five percent of the federal budget is composed of Social Security, Medicare,

interest on the debt, and the military budget. In the past, Ronald Reagan and his neo-con

acolytes have suggested ending Social Security and Medicare as we know it, while cutting taxes

for the rich and pumping up the Pentagon. It would appear Representative Cantor and his

buddies are singing the same old song; only this time they won't post the lyrics until after

voters have been "wooed".

The confidence and faith regressives have in their ideas is shown by their refusal to talk

specifics. While President Obama proposed and passed a healthcare reform, Wall Street

overhaul, and economic stimulus package (which independent experts say prevented a much

deeper and devastating depression), and currently is trying to jump start the Middle East

peace process; the loyal opposition says vote for us and we won't do what he does. Vote for us

and we will solve the nation's ills; you just have to wait awhile to find out the rich will be

richer, jobs will pay one-half of what they used to, and Social Security and Medicare will be

figments of your imagination. Have you been sufficiently "wooed"? What do you think?

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