Saturday, August 28, 2010


My grandmother used to say, "...the proof of the pudding is in the tasting". America is

in the midst of an ideological war with fundamentalist Islamic forces where symbols are

more valuable than military victories. The attack on the USS Cole, the destruction of the

World Trade Center, and hitting the Pentagon didn't defeat this country. They didn't lead

to any change in government or recognition of those who staged the acts. The practical value

was nil. The symbolic value was priceless. Our enemies know this is a symbolic war where

image trumps reality.

Imagine you are watching al Jezeera or another Arab language news network or reading

the foreign press or listening to a Friday sermon, and you see or hear about angry Americans

stopping the building of an Islamic center in New York. You are told anti-mosque protests

are occurring all over the United States. You read about public denunciations of Islam as a

religion of violence. Prominent Americans like Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, and Rep. John

Boehner are all demanding the center be built somewhere else, if at all. The imam and his

supporters are called "insensitive"and "tone deaf". They are accused by some of attempting

to rub our noses in the rubble of ground zero and delight in our anger and discomfort.

Meanwhile, American forces have invaded Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan; and American

troops were stationed in Saudi Arabia, the home of Mecca and Medina. America props up

dictators in Egypt, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia; and Jordan is the number one ally of Israel as

it struggles with the Palestinians. Americans have killed tens of thousands of Iraqis and

Afghans; and currently maintain 50,000 troops in Iraq and over 200,000 in Afghanistan.

Add to all these images this condemnation of an Islamic center built near the World Trade

Center site and the symbol war for the hearts and minds of the Arab world goes badly at best.

We are letting American fundamentalists take center stage in defining America for the world.

America is a land of religious freedom. The concept is enshrined in the first amendment.

Yet, these American fundamentalists, these American regressives, project the exact opposite

image to the world. They wear their intolerance like a badge of honor. Their nativistic appeal

contradicts the best parts of the American experiment. For them, this is a Christian nation

and no others need apply. They want Christian prayers in school, at football games, and at

the opening sessions of Congress. They attack a Muslim member of Congress for wanting a

copy of the Koran with him when he takes his oath of office. They rail against the incoming

tide of immigrants and use their religion to justify prejudice against gays wishing to partake

in the American dream. They view September 11th through this fundamentalist prism which

turns all of this into a religious war rather than a political one. They ignore the Muslims who

died that day. Worse, they dismiss these deaths as meaningless. Ironically, they play right

into the narrative that bin Laden and his gang have been preaching in madrassas for the last

thirty years.

Americans need to embrace this Islamic center. There should be fundraisers sponsored

by Catholics, Protestants, and Jews. Can you picture the power of images of a fundraiser at

the Jewish Community Center in New York for a mosque? This project should bring out every

charitable impulse this nation has to offer. It should be beautiful and majestic; and it should

be a place where all faiths can come together to talk and share. There should be a constant

stream of pictures of children's programs and great meals, of scholars from various faiths and

disciplines meeting, and of Americans from all walks of life being welcomed. If we are who we

say we are and if we do not want American fundamentalists to hijack the best parts of this

country, this is a perfect opportunity to show a doubting Arab/Muslim world that we are who

we say we are.

Fundamentalism is the real enemy in this world. Fundamentalism is by definition

intolerant, closed to outsiders, anti-democratic, anti-pluralism, anti-intellectual, and

un-American. Whether it's Franklin Graham or Osama bin Laden, America stands in direct

opposition to fundamentalism. It's time to put up or shut up.

In the battle of symbols, the fundamentalists are winning; which means the majority of us

are losing. It is time to change the game. Supporting and helping to build a beautiful, popular,

and energetic Islamic center in New York would be a good start. What do you think?

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