Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Links (...well, sort of)

Our Lion wants to share the links to the following websites with all his followers. However,

for the time being at least what we are posting are the addresses of his favorite websites

which will have to be manually copied and pasted into your browser's(i.e., Internet Explorer,

Firefox, Safari, etc.) address bar. I'm working on making these links active; but

has limited functionality and seems to allow only the posting of plain text:


  1. try moveing to word press they are not as restrictve over there I did and am happier

  2. Might I add:

    If I recall, BW loved to recite from Salon and Think Progress.

  3. Any idiot would know of these sites. Whoever is doing your posting should become a little more computer savvy. You can put as many links as you want to with blogspot. Has nothing to do with limited functionality of blogspot. Has to do with the person who posts these dumb posts knowing nothing about blogspot.