Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving #19

For eighteen years I wrote a Thanksgiving Prayer out of gratitude for the unselfish

generosity of so many people and in the hopes the prayer would be used by families

throughout the area as they gathered on Thanksgiving. I didn't write one last year because

my pride, shame, guilt, and sorrow seemed to preclude one. I was wrong. In the midst of

depression and pain and recrimination is precisely the time to be most thankful and filled

with gratitude for so much. Here is my prayer for this year...


Bless this day and all who gather to be thankful. As we pray this year, let us

remember those who have lost jobs, homes, confidence, and faith. This year has left many

with less and in great need. Bless those who are scared and worried. Help them to see a

way back to hope and out of fear. May we remember those who grow and produce the food

we have this day. We are so grateful for those who spent long hours and days cooking and

preparing the meal we gather to share. Some families will be separated on this day. Bless

them and help them to bridge any distance with the love and care they hold for one another.

Lord, give us the grace to appreciate all we have. It is so easy to take love, friendship,

generosity, and forgiveness for granted. Thank you once again for those who contributed

their time and treasure to help strangers in need...the least of their brothers and sisters.

These are times when it is easy to despair. Thank you for all those in our lives who care

enough to reach out and comfort and encourage us. Finally, Lord, never let us forget all

we have been given; how the darkest times can reveal the best in ourselves and others;

and on this Thanksgiving Day, how the World Is Alive With he Grandeur of God.


  1. Wow, Bernie, I just found your blog. We still miss you here in Davis!

  2. I've heard that when the human body can achieve the emotion of gratitude, it cannot experience anxiety at the same time. It is physiologically impossible. Gratitude is invariably connected with positive emotions and is itself an anti-dote for depression. So the Jewish invention of Giving thanks prior to eating, tends to put the physiology of the body in the best psychological state in which to digest food. Smart, huh?

  3. Stay strong Lion. You'll be here to be with your family. HUGS!!!

  4. SO beautiful, Lion.Thank you so much.
    Marcella & Glenn

  5. Bernie, I cannot help but think of you at this time of year. I donated money to the Thanksgiving charity this year with a note to that effect. How we miss your gusto. Thanks for the blog, and best wishes to you and your family.